N+J, a stylized wedding shoot


Nikole and Jeremy had the right idea, a stylized retro-inspired wedding photoshoot! If you are wanting Pinterest-worthy wedding photos without worrying about loading up the bridal party or hungry wedding guests waiting at your reception venue, this is the route to go!

You may remember this lovely lady from her Pin-Up shoot earlier this year. Working with Nikole is this photog’s dream…she is all for vintage shoots that include her adorable 4-legged pals. In reality, photographing pets on the actual wedding day can be a bit of a challenge. During this shoot, these pups did really well since unlike a usual wedding, a drunk uncle was not attempting to pet them.  Lucky for us, we were able to park a sweet red Thunderbird in front of an old mechanic shop in downtown St. Louis. The backdrop was the last perfect touch to this ode to the 50’s.

Congrats on your marriage and amazing photos, Nikole and Jeremy.

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102 Never Looked So Good!


My grandma turned the big 1-0-2 and this is what 102 candles looks like, folks. She is an amazing woman who has made a huge impact on my life along with many others. I had to honor her Lynn Terry Photography style…beautiful shots along with some great humorous shots as well. First I wanted to get shots of my daughter  holding my Grandma’s hand. Think about it…102 years between the two, I love the shot and the visual of the age difference. It is mind-boggling to think of the the differences both will experience with the years between the two.

Then, we asked Grandma Irma if she would let us create some hilarious photos of her lighting a cigarette on 102 candles. Without thinking twice, Grandma agreed. First time she lit a cig! However, not knowing what 102 candles would look like, I was sure to turn off all smoke detectors and had a fire extinguisher prepped and ready. Luckily, the fire department was not dispatched and we got some amazing photos. I am pretty sure some of these photos could be on a greeting cards!
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Meg and Nick



Meg’s been planning this wedding in her mind since she was a little girl. The day finally came! Her prince, Nick, came and swept her off her feet. Well actually it’s probably more like he came and let her have her own two feet and a voice to boot and she fell madly in love. Hey it’s a 2015 princess story. Together they planned the perfect wedding at a place where they share a mutual interest- in Forest Park at the Highland Golf Club House.

Forest Park of course has so many wonderful places to take photos.  We have had non stop rain for what feels like months, but somehow they lucked out and had full sun! So we seized the opportunity and tromped all over the park. It’s always hard to narrow down the photos to just a few of my favorites so that I don’t bombard the post with a ridiculous amount of photos. So here you go. Just a few top choices.

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A dame and her doxie


One of our favorite Pin-Up models, Nikole V came back to Lynn Terry Pin-Up and Gypsi Studio Design for another round of stunning vintage photos. This round, she brought her adorable little Doxie, Molly to join in on the fun. Nikole had the great idea of recreating the above beach scene, a classic Pin-Up scene. Little Molly cooperated perfectly for the shot, grabbed the swimsuit and all.

Not only were we able to capture the above photo, we brought out the beach ball and some bubbles and got several other photos that are just as fantastic! The studio was a sticky, sandy mess by the time Miss Nikole left but we think it was WELL worth it. Look at all of the amazing photos we created! Which is your favorite?
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Scooter and Tommy Wedding


These lucky grooms received one of my wedding photography packages as a wedding present.  Talk about a great wedding present! Everyone at the ceremony could feel the love between the grooms that beautiful day. These two love birds have been together for over 20 years and decided to tie the knot at the Beall Mansion in Alton, Illinois.

Here’s to years of wedded bliss, gentlemen. Congrats!

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Matt and Kate + 8


Eight Bridesmaids and eight groomsmen that is. A big bridal party yes, but we all had fun carting around St. Louis getting pics everywhere from St. Louis Union Station, LaFayatte Square Park, Benton Park Cafe, and the final destination for the wedding and ceremony, Third Degree Glass Factory. No torrential down pours were going to stop us! Matt and Kate are a beautiful couple and made a beautiful bride and groom. I am so happy to have met them and have been privileged enough to be a part of their special day. It was a spectacular wedding full of wonderful people to share it with them.

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Tails Always Wag Inn


Tracy, the owner of Tails Always Wag Inn contacted me about shooting photos for her growing pet sitting business in the St. Louis area.  Tracy wanted to use her 3 pups, Gertrude, Lorelei, and Yori for her website photos. Little did I know, Tracy has some of the most disciplined and well-behaved pups I have ever worked with. Tracy can train some dogs…that is for sure! I enjoyed getting so many different poses and angles of Tracy and her clan of pups.

Be sure to check out her website here!

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