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Tails Always Wag Inn


Tracy, the owner of Tails Always Wag Inn contacted me about shooting photos for her growing pet sitting business in the St. Louis area.  Tracy wanted to use her 3 pups, Gertrude, Lorelei, and Yori for her website photos. Little did I know, Tracy has some of the most disciplined and well-behaved pups I have ever worked with. Tracy can train some dogs…that is for sure! I enjoyed getting so many different poses and angles of Tracy and her clan of pups.

Be sure to check out her website here!

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Coffee, coffee, COFFEE


There’s nothing better than a chef as your next door neighbor! Nicole is the owner of Restituo Cofeeshop and Eatery and the artist behind all of the handmade mugs in the shop. Like the mug you’re sipping from? You can buy it! Stop in and hang out with a cup of joe and enjoy the eclectic furniture, amazing coffee and fantastic food in this local Shaw coffee shop.

Highlights: K Cancer Campaign


Last week I shared some images of the Cardinals in their K Cancer Tees by 108 Stitches. The second part of the campaign required us to get some shots of all the other players involved in the campaign.

So lucky ‘ole me, I’ve been spending some time photographing a multitude of MLB superstars across the country! It was fabulous working with each player in their custom team shirt. See some of the select images we made below!

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Cardinals Rally Together for a Cure


108 Stitches is an apparel company who’s setting out to make a difference. Their newest tshirt line, K Cancer Tees, not only look and feel awesome, but are also providing means to fund cancer research. How it works when you buy a tee: five dollars go to the Jason Motte Foundation and five goes to another player’s charity. To promote this effort, we photographed each Cardinal in their team swag. Pitcher Joe Kelly even brought along his grandpa mask to mix things up on set! Check out the shots after the jump. Thanks 108 for making the world a better place! See more…

Play with Your Favorite Baseball Stars

Ortiz card front

While we can’t all be MLB superstars and hang out with our favorite players, each and everyone one of you can actually play with these hotshots! Just grab a deck of 108 Stitches newest product line: playing cards! If you’d like to read more about this company, check out my last post about the company here. After the jump, see some select cards up close and personal.

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A Heirloom Afternoon


Antiques are not hard come by on Cherokee Street. But a shop of this caliber is truly one in a million. Feast your eyes on the loveliness that is the Heirloom Room. It’s the newest spot for coffee, consignment, and events. And it’s so wonderful, our pal’s over at Skif hosted a brunch there for some preferred shoppers. It was a visual feast… the flower styling by Flowers and Weeds was especially breath taking. Check it out!

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108 Stitches Goes Pro


If you haven’t yet heard of 108 Stitches, you will soon. This company based in good ‘ole STL is making a splash in the high-quality baseball apparel scene… aka they make freaking comfortable t-shirts with your favorite baseball players as design inspiration. And these aren’t run-of-the-mill standard fare team logo designs… we’re talking kitsch and vintage flavor mixed with thoughtful and fun typography. What’s not to love, baseball fans?! So they asked me to step in to help as they vamp their new website. Here’s what we produced, you’re going to love it.

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