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Love Dogs, Must Travel Feature

Looking for the best guidebook to hitting the open roads of Missouri with your beloved k-9 sidekick? Search no further than the hot-off-the-press travel guide, Love Dogs, Must Travel. Flipping through, you’ll find hotspots for animal friendly destinations all over the state… And a featured photo I shot at Forest Park’s Boat House for the event Paddle with Your Pooch.

Boathouse exterior

108 Stitches Goes Pro


If you haven’t yet heard of 108 Stitches, you will soon. This company based in good ‘ole STL is making a splash in the high-quality baseball apparel scene… aka they make freaking comfortable t-shirts with your favorite baseball players as design inspiration. And these aren’t run-of-the-mill standard fare team logo designs… we’re talking kitsch and vintage flavor mixed with thoughtful and fun typography. What’s not to love, baseball fans?! So they asked me to step in to help as they vamp their new website. Here’s what we produced, you’re going to love it.

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Karma’s Time in the Limelight


I was ecstatic when I learned that Ken Foster’s newest book “I’m a Good Dog” was using my photo and featuring the story of beloved Karma!

I have known Karma for many years. We first crossed paths when she was rescued during the historic Missouri 500, the largest dog fighting bust in history. Karma’s story of resilience in the face of such a horrific situation has made her a rescue icon. Since the rescue, her story only gets better. She was adopted by animal rescue advocate Ledy VanKavage. You can learn more about VanKavage and read some of her articles at the Best Friends Blog.

In the end, I am so happy that Karma has a stable home with a great owner and receiving some exposure in Foster’s publication. Go Karma!

St Louis Bride Feature

Snippets from Mike and Shelley’s recent rockibily wedding hit the pages of this season’s St. Louis Bride Magazine. The reds and turquoises pop off the page and make for a really sweet feature in the magazine. You can check out more of the photos I captured on their big day here.




Meet Soapy the Dog, the official mascot of the St. Louis’ natural soap company, Herbaria. We shot images for their animal soap product line, Soapy’s Choice. And trust me, it smells as good as it looks! His image also appears on the company’s business cards.

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MMA 2013


Check out the 2013 calendar we produced when we teamed up with St. Charles MMA and Mutts n Stuff. See more…

Straub’s Ads


Quick, go grab a copy of Sauce magazine. Now flip it over. Ta-da, it’s a photo I shot for a recent Straub’s ad campaign. For all of you non-St. Louis dwellers, Straub’s is an artisian grocer with some super quality product lines… and is a culinary gem of the city. So with the smiling faces of some Straub’s employees, chefs, and owners, and Dovetail Marketing and Branding these ads took shape. Check out Dovetail’s blog to see what they thought of the project. And click through to see some of the final tearsheets and outtakes from the shoot. See more…

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