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N+J, a stylized wedding shoot


Nikole and Jeremy had the right idea, a stylized retro-inspired wedding photoshoot! If you are wanting Pinterest-worthy wedding photos without worrying about loading up the bridal party or hungry wedding guests waiting at your reception venue, this is the route to go!

You may remember this lovely lady from her Pin-Up shoot earlier this year. Working with Nikole is this photog’s dream…she is all for vintage shoots that include her adorable 4-legged pals. In reality, photographing pets on the actual wedding day can be a bit of a challenge. During this shoot, these pups did really well since unlike a usual wedding, a drunk uncle was not attempting to pet them.  Lucky for us, we were able to park a sweet red Thunderbird in front of an old mechanic shop in downtown St. Louis. The backdrop was the last perfect touch to this ode to the 50’s.

Congrats on your marriage and amazing photos, Nikole and Jeremy.

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A dame and her doxie


One of our favorite Pin-Up models, Nikole V came back to Lynn Terry Pin-Up and Gypsi Studio Design for another round of stunning vintage photos. This round, she brought her adorable little Doxie, Molly to join in on the fun. Nikole had the great idea of recreating the above beach scene, a classic Pin-Up scene. Little Molly cooperated perfectly for the shot, grabbed the swimsuit and all.

Not only were we able to capture the above photo, we brought out the beach ball and some bubbles and got several other photos that are just as fantastic! The studio was a sticky, sandy mess by the time Miss Nikole left but we think it was WELL worth it. Look at all of the amazing photos we created! Which is your favorite?
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Tina returns…with a bun in the oven!

Baby, you’ve got one gorgeous momma! I was beyond elated to find out Tina was not only pregnant but wanted to do a Bun in the Oven Shoot! Tina was one of our first Pin Up shoots back in the day, check out her photos here. She is a Pin Up natural.

This shoot ended up being fun, sexy and beautiful all at once.  Tina was a bit timid and nervous, but you could never tell by looking at these photos. Even though she was a nervous, she was up for trying anything and we all had a blast during her shoot. Her looks were a complete transformation. We all know feeling sexy during pregnancy can be difficult, but after looking at these photos, Tina should KNOW she rocked pregnancy. Her smile radiates in each photo!

Gypsi and I both are in LOVE with this series. Can you blame us?

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I love when my clients draw inspiration from their lives to create pinup shoots all their own. For Genevieve, we pulled straight from the Middle East for propping and styling. Her friend had just returned from picturesque Egypt with stories that made her fall in love with the region– so how could we not create a little of that magic in the studio? We ended the day with some classic auto shots, which she also rocked! See more…

‘Tis the Season… Baseball Season!


You can’t deny it, St. Louis is a baseball town. And just as the season swings into full gear, there was no better time to do a styled pin-up shoot as a homage to the game. Step up to the plate and check out these photos of this darling couple celebrating America’s beloved pastime! See more…

Beauty in the Darkroom


It goes without saying when I get a chance to do a photography-themed pin up shoot, I am all over it! We grabbed the vintage cameras around the studio and used my darkroom sink to create a set that was picture perfect. Amanda’s man even makes a cameo appearance in the “freshly printed” photographs! See more…

Luck be a Lady Tonight!


The mission: Create an image for a Las Vegas-bound client to announce her relocation to Sin City.

The solution: Scotch on the rocks, a high-stakes poker game, and dogs in green visors!

The result: A series of photos I am in love with.




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