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102 Never Looked So Good!


My grandma turned the big 1-0-2 and this is what 102 candles looks like, folks. She is an amazing woman who has made a huge impact on my life along with many others. I had to honor her Lynn Terry Photography style…beautiful shots along with some great humorous shots as well. First I wanted to get shots of my daughter  holding my Grandma’s hand. Think about it…102 years between the two, I love the shot and the visual of the age difference. It is mind-boggling to think of the the differences both will experience with the years between the two.

Then, we asked Grandma Irma if she would let us create some hilarious photos of her lighting a cigarette on 102 candles. Without thinking twice, Grandma agreed. First time she lit a cig! However, not knowing what 102 candles would look like, I was sure to turn off all smoke detectors and had a fire extinguisher prepped and ready. Luckily, the fire department was not dispatched and we got some amazing photos. I am pretty sure some of these photos could be on a greeting cards!
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Josh and Sam – A Look Back


The joys of brotherhood! Seeing Josh and Sam grow together through all these years has made me truly appreciate the special bonds of family. I cherish these two kiddo so much and I hope it shows through my photographs. I’d love for you now to have a look at 5 years of exploring, partying, and friendship building!
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Josephine’s 1st Birthday


Take the cutest baby and put her in my favorite St. Louis antique store, The Heirloom Room, and what do you get? The perfect equation for the prettiest photo shoot! If you haven’t been, I recommend checking it out. Beautiful antiques, terrariums and plants everywhere, outdoor patio and greenhouse, mismatched chairs and tables, etc. (If you want to see even more images of the space, check out a shoot Heirloom I did a couple weeks ago.)  Add family and friends to this wonderful space, great food and drink, a guy sitting in the corner drawing portraits of the guests, and a whole lot of cake and you got the recipe for the best birthday party. Josephine celebrated turning 1 like a rockstar. Happy Birthday lil lady!

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Sam’s First





Miss Violet and her wonderful family were too much fun. We celebrated Violet’s first birthday out in the park, catching some rays and feasting on cake. Check out my favorites from the day! See more…


What could a girl possibly want more for her 13th birthday than a personalized pin up fashion shoot? Nothing; this is absolutely the best way to enter into teenage-ville! Her mom wins the “Parent of the Year” award for giving miss Olivia a totally fun and fabulously age appropriate shoot for her birthday! See more…

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