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Tails Always Wag Inn


Tracy, the owner of Tails Always Wag Inn contacted me about shooting photos for her growing pet sitting business in the St. Louis area.  Tracy wanted to use her 3 pups, Gertrude, Lorelei, and Yori for her website photos. Little did I know, Tracy has some of the most disciplined and well-behaved pups I have ever worked with. Tracy can train some dogs…that is for sure! I enjoyed getting so many different poses and angles of Tracy and her clan of pups.

Be sure to check out her website here!

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Remembrance Sessions-Q&A

Lynn's dog, Tink

Lynn’s dog, Tink


As Lynn Terry’s assistant, I felt it was important to sit down and conduct a Q&A for the Remembrance Sessions. We get several emails and requests for these sessions and many do not fully understand the process or the importance of these sessions. Please email for more information regarding the Remembrance Sessions. Also, please keep in mind, you can also gift a Remembrance Session.

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Corona the Dog

Some photos clearly show the bond between a dog and owner. These are no exception! Corona was so well-behaved, she made the process so easy. Corona and Matt were part of a fantastic shoot both in the studio and the park. Look at their expressions in some of the photos…they are clearly thinking the same thing. Love it!

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The Becker Family


Since moving from California, the Becker family has fallen in love with the city of St. Louis. We went around town and took advantage of the beautiful fall scenery for this shoot with their Bichons. The Becker’s knew they wanted to pay homage to their last name and we knew just the spot. Anyone from St. Louis should recognize the big ‘B’ in these shots. 🙂 Honestly, could this family be any more gorgeous?

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Purcell Dogs

The Purcell Family brought a new puppy home in 2014. They reached out and asked if I could document the new addition to their family. I loved shooting their boys! Even the new pup was so well behaved and cooperative during their photo shoot. Look at the poses these boys pulled out during the shoot!

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The Probst Dogs


The Probst family had discovered my Photobooth images through friends. After seeing those images, they wanted to bring in their pups for a shoot. I had a great time during this session. These two dogs had great personalities.  Some of the expressions in their photos are priceless!
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Single Shot for Blog

This photo shoot was a gift from a very thoughtful sister-in-law. Meet Arya. Arya is a super sweet Doberman Pinscher rescue. She was a bit timid and shy during the beginning of the shoot, but she warmed up and clearly produced some amazing photos! I love how we captured both beautiful shots at the studio and playful shots at the park.

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