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102 Never Looked So Good!


My grandma turned the big 1-0-2 and this is what 102 candles looks like, folks. She is an amazing woman who has made a huge impact on my life along with many others. I had to honor her Lynn Terry Photography style…beautiful shots along with some great humorous shots as well. First I wanted to get shots of my daughter  holding my Grandma’s hand. Think about it…102 years between the two, I love the shot and the visual of the age difference. It is mind-boggling to think of the the differences both will experience with the years between the two.

Then, we asked Grandma Irma if she would let us create some hilarious photos of her lighting a cigarette on 102 candles. Without thinking twice, Grandma agreed. First time she lit a cig! However, not knowing what 102 candles would look like, I was sure to turn off all smoke detectors and had a fire extinguisher prepped and ready. Luckily, the fire department was not dispatched and we got some amazing photos. I am pretty sure some of these photos could be on a greeting cards!
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The Becker Family


Since moving from California, the Becker family has fallen in love with the city of St. Louis. We went around town and took advantage of the beautiful fall scenery for this shoot with their Bichons. The Becker’s knew they wanted to pay homage to their last name and we knew just the spot. Anyone from St. Louis should recognize the big ‘B’ in these shots. 🙂 Honestly, could this family be any more gorgeous?

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Dressed in blue and super cute!


Beautiful fall leaves? Check. Perfect lighting? Check. An adorable blonde boy with lots of smiles? Check! What a great day in the park with Katrina, Andy  and their son, Booker. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing photos of this little boy from the beginning. Check Kat’s maternity photos here and Booker’s first shoot here. Clearly this boy is adored by his mommy and daddy. Can’t wait for our next session!
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Josh and Sam – A Look Back


The joys of brotherhood! Seeing Josh and Sam grow together through all these years has made me truly appreciate the special bonds of family. I cherish these two kiddo so much and I hope it shows through my photographs. I’d love for you now to have a look at 5 years of exploring, partying, and friendship building!
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The Raccagno Family


Hello, sunshine! To celebrate this unexpected spring-like weather we’re having this week (don’t mean to jinx it, but yay!)– here is a fabulously sun-filled shoot we did with the Raccagno family. We spent the day at Laumeier Sculpture Park; love this location to shoot and play! Check out all the cuteness See more…

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