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N+J, a stylized wedding shoot


Nikole and Jeremy had the right idea, a stylized retro-inspired wedding photoshoot! If you are wanting Pinterest-worthy wedding photos without worrying about loading up the bridal party or hungry wedding guests waiting at your reception venue, this is the route to go!

You may remember this lovely lady from her Pin-Up shoot earlier this year. Working with Nikole is this photog’s dream…she is all for vintage shoots that include her adorable 4-legged pals. In reality, photographing pets on the actual wedding day can be a bit of a challenge. During this shoot, these pups did really well since unlike a usual wedding, a drunk uncle was not attempting to pet them.  Lucky for us, we were able to park a sweet red Thunderbird in front of an old mechanic shop in downtown St. Louis. The backdrop was the last perfect touch to this ode to the 50’s.

Congrats on your marriage and amazing photos, Nikole and Jeremy.

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Tails Always Wag Inn


Tracy, the owner of Tails Always Wag Inn contacted me about shooting photos for her growing pet sitting business in the St. Louis area.  Tracy wanted to use her 3 pups, Gertrude, Lorelei, and Yori for her website photos. Little did I know, Tracy has some of the most disciplined and well-behaved pups I have ever worked with. Tracy can train some dogs…that is for sure! I enjoyed getting so many different poses and angles of Tracy and her clan of pups.

Be sure to check out her website here!

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Stacy and her pug Jaci


Stacy won a raffle at an Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs and the prize was a session for her and her pug named Jaci. Stacey and Jaci were quite the pair. Even though Jaci was extremely disciplined and well behaved, she is the definition of a ‘Little Dickens’. Jaci had me laughing hysterically in the park. Every time Stacy attempted to lay next to Jaci, Jaci would move two feet to the right, away from her…just for the sake of being sassy. Several of the photos of the two together are of Stacey trying to convince Jaci to move closer. All the pug sass aside…these photos turned out great. What a lucky winner! See more…

Liz and Joe


Last summer, Liz realized she needed some pictures of her Golden Retriever, Joe. We headed outdoors and captured some fantastic shots of both Joe and Liz. Joe is such a pretty Golden, I love his fluffy ears! Joe was so playful and cooperative we decided to give him a turn in the photo booth as well. Who knew a dog could smile so much? 🙂

Many times, pet parents hesitate to get in on the photos with their pets. However, I STRONGLY encourage everyone to get photos taken with their pets. Firstly, many parents take photos with their human babies, why wouldn’t we do the same with our fur babies? Secondly, your pets bring out a certain aspect of your personality and emotions. Just like Liz, you can see the bond, affection and love she has for her old man, Joe in the below photos. You can also see the love Joe feels for Liz. Luckily, I have the ability and opportunity to capture those aspects for Liz to have as a keepsake forever. Something, in my mind, that is priceless!
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Remembrance Sessions-Q&A

Lynn's dog, Tink

Lynn’s dog, Tink


As Lynn Terry’s assistant, I felt it was important to sit down and conduct a Q&A for the Remembrance Sessions. We get several emails and requests for these sessions and many do not fully understand the process or the importance of these sessions. Please email for more information regarding the Remembrance Sessions. Also, please keep in mind, you can also gift a Remembrance Session.

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The Becker Family


Since moving from California, the Becker family has fallen in love with the city of St. Louis. We went around town and took advantage of the beautiful fall scenery for this shoot with their Bichons. The Becker’s knew they wanted to pay homage to their last name and we knew just the spot. Anyone from St. Louis should recognize the big ‘B’ in these shots. 🙂 Honestly, could this family be any more gorgeous?

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Purcell Dogs

The Purcell Family brought a new puppy home in 2014. They reached out and asked if I could document the new addition to their family. I loved shooting their boys! Even the new pup was so well behaved and cooperative during their photo shoot. Look at the poses these boys pulled out during the shoot!

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