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Meg and Nick



Meg’s been planning this wedding in her mind since she was a little girl. The day finally came! Her prince, Nick, came and swept her off her feet. Well actually it’s probably more like he came and let her have her own two feet and a voice to boot and she fell madly in love. Hey it’s a 2015 princess story. Together they planned the perfect wedding at a place where they share a mutual interest- in Forest Park at the Highland Golf Club House.

Forest Park of course has so many wonderful places to take photos.  We have had non stop rain for what feels like months, but somehow they lucked out and had full sun! So we seized the opportunity and tromped all over the park. It’s always hard to narrow down the photos to just a few of my favorites so that I don’t bombard the post with a ridiculous amount of photos. So here you go. Just a few top choices.

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